Friday, February 28, 2014

Review: BeagleBone Home Automation by Juha Lumme

I've been reading a lot of book from Packtpub lately and just finished BeagleBone Home Automation by Juha Lumme.  This 178 page book has a lot of information on setup your single board computer, inputs and outputs, client/server programming, scheduling and finally creating an Android client.  Although I don't agree with all of the concepts presented by the author, such as creating your own communication protocol (use REST...), I still thought this book provided a lot of using information that could help a hobbyist/DIY tinkerer interface sensors and output pins on the BeagleBone.  A lot of these concepts presented also apply to the Rasperry Pi so the concepts are quite transferable.  This is a great book to help the uninitiated get started with home automation using the BeagleBone.