Saturday, February 15, 2014

Review: BeagleBone Robotics Projects by Richard Grimmett

I just finished reading BeagleBone Robotics Projects by Richard Grimmet.  I wish this book had been available to me a few months ago as I was building by home security system.

This book could be seen as a set of polished articles that build upon each other to create a very customizable robotics platform.  It covers replacing the default image to Ubuntu, sensor inputs, speech processing and synthesis, servo motor controller interfacing, GPS and more.  Countless hours of work can be saved by taking the time to read this culmination of insightful tested steps to building robots.  The author appears to have a preference for USB type interfaces which tends to be ideal for the BeagleBone Black embedded computer.

On the software side, the book focuses on using Ubuntu, Python and OpenCV.  The author is concise in his writing and doesn't spend too much time explaining the reasoning behind his design choices.  This is good for someone who wants to hit the group running and wants to do some of the deeper exploring on his/her own.  I'm a fan of open-source everything and the author appears to share the same values.

This book is worth every penny for anyone undertaking or interested in a wide range of BeagleBone based projects.  I highly recommend this one.