Friday, February 21, 2014

Spartacus - Robotics Project Part 1

I've undertaken my biggest robotics project yet: Spartacus.  Feeling empowered by the rich feature set of the BeagleBone Black and the apparent vast support of its online community, I decided to build my own robotics research platform.

I had an idea for a box looking robot, that would sit around, move it's big square head and move its arms based in learned behaviours.  To do so, I need a good prototyping building material.  I ended up deciding to use form board since I could play around with it more than 3D printed plastic parts.  I could always model the final product once I have the design finalized and stick to foam board for the prototyping.

I once received some valuable advice from a wise friend that I didn't up end following about cutting wallpaper: use a sharp blade!  Only after I replaced by x-acto knife blade did I realize the hours saved cutting form board to share using a good sharp edge.  Write this one down if ever you end up using this building material.

I also chose to use basic servo pan/tilt modules from the for the hard and arm movements.  This gave my robot 6 degrees of freedom. With a usb webcam and future upgrades planned for the head, I ended up having to change the neck pan/tilt setup to use standard size servos instead of micro servos such as the ones used for the arms.  It made a world of a difference.

He's a pic of the work in progress.  This post will part of an ongoing series!  Stay tuned friends.